1. blkair's Avatar
    G'day all - just found this forum -- mind you i was not going to pay for an app but logged in through the phone browser -- - after several models of Nokia -- giving up on the Simbian OC with an excursion to Android and several samsung devices I find myself back with Nokia and to my surprise a windows phone -- it is growing on me although I am still a little distressed at the lack of control and access to my device -- go "windowsbreak" project --- Android seemed to be better -- has the print issues sorted and ability to add such as 3rd party keyboards but I still find the windows phone functional and Nokia has certainly come up with amazing hardware -- battery life blows my samsung devices out of the water - it's truly a world phone and allows me to pick the best carrier - AT&T has dropped data support for pay as you go -- I'm a Canuk but travel a lot -- so now I can ditch them and use TMobile -- used 3Mobile in the UK and had hasp+ data - it's nice to have a device that's not NAM only

    My main reason for joining is to get info where to by unbranded and unlocked next gen like the 920 when it comes out -- while unlocking seems easy I would truly like an unbranded phone from the get go -- no bloat ware

    Hopefully Nokia and windows will get together and fix the MMS and tethering issues as well for unlocked phone users --

    cheers ----
    07-30-2012 03:28 PM
  2. Rich Edmonds's Avatar
    Hello there, blkair! Welcome to Windows Phone Central :) MMS issues have been resolved in Tango (as far as I'm aware anyway) and it depends on which device you're packing and on which carrier regarding Internet sharing / tethering. 3 UK has a superb network for data use on any platform, especially Windows Phone with the integrated services and functionality.

    Here's hoping Microsoft expand on this in Apollo with OEMs right behind them. For what we've seen so far with the leaked Samsung devices and what Nokia has done thus far with 7.x, I can safely say we'll start drooling and giggling this coming fall :lol:
    08-01-2012 05:22 PM