1. ClixT's Avatar
    So I'm really itching to get a lumia 1020 successor, but as we all know, it may not happen anytime soon...
    I currently have the 920 which is still in perfect shape, and handles my day to day task..
    Reason I want to get a 1020 is to make it my "camera" without carrying a 2nd device...

    Should I wait and get the successor or get a 1020??

    12-18-2014 06:19 PM
  2. Qtweeder's Avatar
    great question, it's something i have been wondering myself having owned a 920 for a while....then just the other day i decided to se3ll my 920 and have a 64gb 1020 on the way in the next few days, i am presuming the camera is more than a sidegrade, it better be! :) but christmas will be a good test for how it handles photos/people etc

    i was waiting for a 1020 sucessor and got sick of waiting and sick of the constant rumour mill/vapor ware, besides, can always sell and save toward the cost IF a better camera centric comes out of MS
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    12-18-2014 06:32 PM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    I wouldn't because that would mean losing Qi and dealing with the camera bump. But then again you get the deity camera.

    I don't see why not, as long as you are comfortable doing so and understand what you're getting and not getting.
    12-18-2014 06:32 PM
  4. Qtweeder's Avatar
    don't have to lose qi if you add the charging shell, albeit horrendous prices for that now. but i know what you mean, was nice built in. plus i think the qi shell flattens out the cam hump a bit too
    12-18-2014 06:35 PM
  5. ClixT's Avatar
    It's just tempting to get one now cos prices in ebay are so low (AT&T). I think I'll just go for it! :D
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    12-18-2014 06:38 PM
  6. Arup Roy Chowdhury's Avatar
    Its the best deal now and for the next few years no sensor will come close to it.
    12-18-2014 10:15 PM
  7. ClixT's Avatar
    So I bought a yellow 1020 yesterday, and it'll be here by monday! Just in time for Christmans! hehe :D
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    12-19-2014 01:48 PM

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