1. aliencatos's Avatar
    There is one thing that really don’t help WindowsPhone and that is exclusivity that all provider sign with phone manufacturer…

    Samsung understand that a long time ago and they arethe best seller phone in the world… when you want a Samsung phone, every providersale the same branded phone … (I’ll speak for Canada because I not sure in US,but it’s probably the same) you like to get a S4 or a note 3, I can go to anyprovider in Canada and get the phone… probably they all got a different versionof the phone but all have the same phone, so just have to chose the provider andget the phone…

    If you look at windows phone and Nokia, every providerhave a exclusivity on a different model… if you’d like a specific model, youhave to pray that the provider where you like to get your service is the onehaving the exclusivity… and is not that easy to buy a phone from a provider touse it on different one…

    The lumia 1020 that Rogers sale in Canada use a modemwith I think ALL the major frequency. Correct me if I’m rong but I think thisphone can work basically on any provider in the world:

    GSM/EDGE Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    HSPA+/HSPA Bands: 850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz
    LTE Bands: 2100MHz

    a single model can work anywhere..

    Basically, If Microsoft want to help their cause, they should use thesame business model then Samsung… a single Model on the most provider possible…

    Apple does that and LG start to do so with the G2…

    I think if Microsoft start doing the same with Nokia, the platform willexpend faster…

    What are your thoughts on that?
    01-23-2014 09:04 PM
  2. TechAbstract's Avatar
    I have to agree. WP8 only has few devices and to make it worst, high end phones are exclusive to one carrier in whole country. Even though I am on AT&T, still dislike this exclusivity thing.
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    01-23-2014 10:05 PM
  3. worldspy99's Avatar
    I have been telling @Windowsphone and @JohnLegere the same thing, start carrying multiple WP devices, one for each low, middle and high end range.
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    01-23-2014 10:11 PM
  4. menghai's Avatar
    If there were no exclusivity, I wouldn't be using a Samsung Galaxy 3. Thats truth, Microsoft.

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    01-23-2014 10:18 PM
  5. jmshub's Avatar
    Isn't there a thread about the every week?
    01-23-2014 10:26 PM
  6. kc77's Avatar
    It would be nice to have all the same phones going to every carrier. However, they would need more than one phone for the carriers too. The 929/Icon and the 1520 would be an amazing pair to have for every carrier. It would be perfect to compete against the S4 and Note.
    01-23-2014 10:42 PM

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