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    I have the 520 and I gotta say, its a pretty solid device....but it all depends on what you are going to use the phone for, even if the prices were the same....as someone mentioned already, the camera doesn't have a flash and there is no front facing one....so if taking pics is even an interest to you, the 520 isn't going to be your best bet. Also depends on your app preference as its already been pointed out. I can get more apps on my Blackberry Z10 than I can on my Lumia 520. But gotta say, Cortana is a fun thing to play with. However, the G doesn't have expandable memory where the Lumia 520 does. You could always just sync your photos to DropBox on the G, and be careful not to put too much music on it because that seems to be my downfall with storage on my phone(s) and tablets, I put my music on them and and don't have room for much else
    Hey even lumia 925 which cost u 27000 does not have micro sd slot.both moto g nd lumia have 16 GB more than enough.moto g has usb otg

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