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    Some Rogers customers might find this useful...

    I've seen posts on message boards from Rogers customers who are having trouble with the voicemail indicator on the Lumia 900. I've found that with the regular Rogers voicemail plans, my voicemail indicator doesn't work.

    As a workaround, if you can convince a Rogers agent to add the iPhone Visual Voicemail plan (yes, counterintuitive) the voicemail indicator should work properly.

    Note: This will not give you visual voicemail (another feature that AT&T is supporting but Rogers is not). But it will get the voicemail indicator working.

    I found this out because when I first got the phone, I put my iPhone sim in and my voicemail indicator worked perfectly. When I then switched my account over to the enhanced voicemail package, my voicemail indicator stopped updating (it was stuck at 1, the number of voicemails I had when I switched my voicemail account.

    Spent hours on the phone with Rogers tech support and finally convinced a rogers agent to add the iPhone voicemail plan back (he wasn't happy about it) and now my voicemail indicator works again.
    04-14-2012 12:02 AM