1. un hombre's Avatar
    Ok, so from what I remember, this was actually made on purpose, but in my view, it is a flaw...

    When you have the screen set to high sensitivity, screen is locked and you press the screen to unlock, the screen is actually not in the mode at this point. It was made such a way, so that the phone does not unlock itself in your pocket by mistake, but, because of this, it defeats the purpose...

    I was outside at night today, proud and happy that I will be the only one to use my phone in the cold night using my gloves, but guess what? I have a phone screen locked by pin so because of this problem, before I could use this mode I would have to take my gloves off, unlock the screen and then high sensitivity would initiate after about 10 seconds. A bit annoying.

    And you have to do this every time. An option to disable this would be nice, wouldn't it?
    11-25-2012 02:28 PM
  2. C s G's Avatar
    I can unlock with my gloves on no problems. But I do noticed that it tends to be less sensitive on the lock screen, but still working. I do not have a password set so I have yet to try how much it'll affect that way.
    rdubmu likes this.
    11-25-2012 02:47 PM

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