1. plue_fc's Avatar
    Hi guys, my Lumia got this problem, the screen blips (not sure if this term is correct) just like when you see a light bulb or lamp close up and the light looks vibrating/shaking. Really appreciate if anyone can help. Thanks.
    02-05-2013 09:08 AM
  2. mr_808's Avatar
    Do you mean that the display gets brighter and darker eventhough the light in the room is not getting brighter or darker? This is a problem that I'e been having since the Portico update came out.
    02-05-2013 01:03 PM
  3. plue_fc's Avatar
    No the brightness is okay but the backlight seems like "vibrating" constantly. Maybe hardware issue here? It seems like nothing to do with the display adjusting brightness. And I have not update the phone yet.
    02-05-2013 07:54 PM
  4. stridon's Avatar
    yes i knw exactly what you are saying cause i am having that same issue.

    When i take it to Nokia Care, they say they cannot find it and leave a grin on me thinking i am nuts.

    I was rather sad thinking that i was the only one affected with this and now i know this is a common problem.

    I bought the Lumia for 3 months now and till now i have give it to Nokia Care three times

    1. Speaker Problem
    2. Replace cover damaged by Nokia itself to change the speaker ( item 1)
    3. Replace the Display due to the sudden appearance of a fine line on it ( crack )

    The build quality of the phone is not so great it seems... and now the display flickering issue ...
    02-13-2013 05:51 AM

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