1. Saint Michael's Avatar
    My 920 got stolen the other day and I am living off my Symbian 808 atm. frankly, my 808 is great, It's good at everything I need it to be good at EXCEPT webrowsing (also the lack of the wp Central app is annoying).

    Now, do I buy a New 920? or buy a cheaper Device like the 8s to browes the web and continue using the 808 for everything else...

    I actualy looked at some androids but, god, I can't make myself like that ugly ****, the nexus 4, I wanted to like it, but it doesnt work.

    do I og Ativ S just for kicks? havnt tried that out...

    my gf has the 8x so that I've played With enough.....

    And then you have MWC.... will Nokia announce a godphone? and if so, recon it will be a looong time till it comes out?

    02-14-2013 10:57 AM
  2. Great deal's Avatar
    You know you can track it/wipe it/lock it yes? Go to the market place, login, click 'windows phone' under your name then 'find my phone' and options are there.
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    02-14-2013 11:01 AM
  3. WorzelGummage's Avatar
    First of all you have my commiserations on having your 920 stolen. I'd really hate it if someone stole my 920. To be honest, I've also got a Galaxy S 3 but as you said, the OS isn't very pretty at all plus it lags quite a lot. I reckon you ought to go and get another WP8 phone although I can't really recommend which one you should go for. It might be wise to wait until after MWC to see what new devices will be announced. However, like all other Nokia phones there is usually quite a long wait before they actually release a phone from when they announce them.
    02-14-2013 11:07 AM

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