1. YouMeanNo's Avatar
    Anyone with a 925 and the GDR2/Amber update managed to add a CalDAV calendar?

    How does it work? Similar to on an iPhone? Can you create recurring events and edit individual ones? Does it just work for Google or will iCloud calendars sync?

    06-27-2013 12:25 PM
  2. rdubmu's Avatar
    I dont think the options in calendar let you do a reoccurring item...but when I add them on the server side or on Outlook 2013, they work on the calendar including tasks.
    06-27-2013 01:52 PM
  3. eggfree's Avatar
    Yes, Caldav works, and not just for google.
    Here's how to get it working with ownCloud

    1) sign up for a dummy google account (I used one to start, then changed it later...
    2) your email credentials and your caldav server username credentials have to be exactly the same. The phone will try to authenticate email first, then calendar.

    1) go into phone settings
    2) add new google account - use an account you have/ or the dummy one. the username/password does NOT have to match your caldav/carddav
    3) successfully connect. This unlocks the detailed settings.
    4) edit the account
    5) delete the gmail accounts and enter in the imap for your real email ('cause if you are using owncloud you have a separate email server too right?)
    5.1) the imap server doesn't have to match the caldav server
    6) enter in the credentials (username/pass) for your imap email. These HAVE TO MATCH your caldav login.
    at this point you may want to save and make sure WP connects to your imap email. if it does, you are good to go to the next part.
    7) edit the account again, and scroll down to caldav
    7.1) enter in the fully qualified url of your caldav server and path to your calendar, including https and port:
    see if it works. it worked for me , but I may have missed a step in the description:

    Key things to remember:
    1) you need a corresponding email to match your calendar and contacts (just like gmail)
    2) your email login and your ownCloud login credentials have to be exactly the same (you are masquerading as gmail, heh)
    3) it works with owncloud, so it should work with any standard calDav implementation (this means apple may not work)

    PS I tred this with a nokia lumia 928 and self-hosted ownCoud. it should work the same with a 925
    Have fun
    08-16-2013 12:38 PM

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