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    I went to my local shopping mall to check out the HTC 8X and see if the Verizon store had one in stock. Sadly, the Verizon store did not have any WP8 devices in stock. So instead, I decided to visit the other carriers and check out their setups. Sure enough, both AT&T and T-Mobile had Windows Phone 8 ready to go.

    T-Mobile had the 810 and the HTC 8X side by side. I have to say that seeing the 810 beside the HTC 8X made me have second thoughts about my HTC 8X decision. You really couldn't tell a difference in screen resolution just by eyeballing them and the colors on the Lumia seemed so much more vibrant. This along with Nokia exclusive software made me wonder if I made the right decision going HTC this time around. I looked at the HTC and really didn't have any issue with the buttons being too 'flush' as some people have mentioned in the forums. I checked out the WP8 store and it seems it's mostly stocked with WP7 apps for now. This is good as it gives enough apps on day one to at least soften the severe app disadvantage Windows Phone has compared to iOS and Android.

    I'd really like to see how durable the HTC 8X is compared to the Lumias though. Are there any drop tests posted between various WP8 devices?

    On to AT&T to see the baby I *really* wanted to bring home - the Lumia 920. Damn it if I didn't want it that much more than the HTC 8X as soon as I saw it. If switching carriers was actually an option for me, I'd be considering it right now. ( Unfortunately it's not. ) The thing is beautiful and really feels like the top of the line of all Windows Phone 8s. I still curse at Nokia for the stupid exclusivity agreement. I hope AT&T is paying a pretty penny for that.

    What really caught my eye, however, were the Windows Phone 7 devices being displayed right beside the Windows Phone 8 devices. No mention as to which phone was running which OS. In fact, if I threw all my WP8 knowhow out the window, I'd have to say that the Lumia 900 should get quite a few sales right now. It looks extremely similar to many of the newer Windows Phone 8 devices to the average shopper. Given that a vast majority of the apps are Windows Phone 7, unless you're looking for specific Windows Phone 8 features, you're going to be hard pressed to tell huge differences between the devices beyond the cameras.

    I need to add that the Apple store in the mall was packed and had a line outside it the entire time. Also saw an iPhone being actively sold at Verizon when I walked by. Let's be realistic - I'd be happy if Windows Phone doubled it's marketshare in the near future. Even that is small potatoes compared to iOS and Android. I do not need Windows Phone to be #1 or even #2, but I'd really like it to cement itself as the #3 platform in the phone market. Hoping one day we can dream of 10%+ marketshare.

    That is all! Living off my poor Blackberry 9650 until my HTC 8X arrives.
    11-18-2012 09:26 PM

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