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    Hi all,
    After reading so much about so many of you missing / being happy to have a banking app for this or that bank, I can't help wondering ... for those who use banking apps: Do you feel safe using it? If your phone gets stolen, would you trust the app (or the phone) to be safe enough not to let the thief doing bad, bad things with the banking app? And for those who are sorely missing a banking app: What can the app to what a computer can't do? Is it really, really necessary to check banking statements/do payments/or whatever can be done with a baning app more than once a day if you're not a forex or stockmarket trader? Or is it just one of those "nice to have" thing that became, for some reason, a "Must have"?

    I'm not judging anyone here ... as someone who has never, ever had a banking app and hasn't even tried to search for one, I wonder what's there to miss? Or am I maybe missing some alternative perspectives?
    02-19-2013 04:48 PM
  2. conanheath's Avatar
    Yes, its safe. Data network is Safer than a WiFi network. If phone is lost or stolen, they have remote wipe and its still password protected. I access mine all the time from phone. I won't do it from Android due to all the keystroke monitoring. I won't get on computer unless I have to. Web pages still suck on a 4.5" screen. I don't care how Mobile they claim to be. Apps are always better because they aren't crammed with adverts. Well most of the time. Att network is far safer than any WiFi network. I think I covered everything.
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    02-19-2013 05:14 PM

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