01-17-2021 12:48 PM
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    Dearon "Deezer D" Thompson, best known for his role on former medical drama "ER," has died. He was 55.

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    01-08-2021 01:13 PM
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    Steve Lightle, known for his iconic runs as an artist on DC's Legion of Super-Heroes and Doom Patrol, has passed away at the age of 61

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    01-08-2021 01:14 PM
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    Dave Creek, the lead character designer for Fox's "Bob's Burgers," died Thursday, succumbing to injuries he sustained in a skydiving accident last week. He was 42.

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    01-08-2021 01:20 PM
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    Ed Bruce was best known for his hit "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," which he co-wrote with his wife Patsy Bruce. Other notable songs in his catalog include "My First Taste of Texas," "You're the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had" with Lynn Anderson and "The Last Cowboy Song." He was 81

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    01-09-2021 08:33 AM
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    British filmmaker and documentarian Michael Apted died Thursday night in Los Angeles at the age of 79. notable works he directed include "Agatha," "Gorky Park," "Gorillas in the Mist," "Nell," and "Enough." Also "Coal Miners Daughter and James Bond "The World is not Enough"

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    01-09-2021 08:39 AM
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    Steve Carver, a director of action films whose portfolio included An Eye for an Eye and Lone Wolf McQuade, both starring Chuck Norris, and Big Bad Mama, starring Angie Dickinson, has died. He was 75.

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    01-09-2021 08:29 PM
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    John Reilly, a veteran soap opera actor best known for his work on "General Hospital," has died at age 84.

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    01-11-2021 12:05 PM
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    Illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher, the surviving member of the duo Siegfried & Roy, has died in Las Vegas at age 81,

    01-14-2021 06:52 PM
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    Tim Bogert, a legendary bassist best known as part of the bands Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and the trio Beck, Bogert & Appice, has died. He was 76.

    01-14-2021 06:56 PM
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    Phil Spector, the revolutionary music producer behind some of music's biggest hits, died while serving time in prison at age 81.

    01-17-2021 12:48 PM
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