10-26-2018 12:29 AM
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    Not at all... I've bought every single Surface product from the Surface RT to the Surface Go (minus Surface Studio) and had nothing but success. My Surface RT actually still works, and I keep it around from some ARM-chipset games that can't be played on x86/64 machines. Closest thing to issues I had were me blowing out the speakers in my Surface Pro 2 and the hinge close mechanism on my Surface Laptop failing, all of which Microsoft handled without charging me any kind of premium/deductible or trying to blame me (which is what Apple has done for every product I've bought from them that I experienced issues with). I've even, on occasion just asked if I could replace my device so I'd have a fresh one to sell, and they did that for me MULTIPLE times (likely because they knew I had no problem buying a new one full price). Microsoft went above and beyond for me in the customer service dept and created someone who will always say good things about Surface hardware. Closest thing to a horror story I have is getting cut off from previous Windows Store purchases, mainly Blazblue Calamity Trigger, which they try to tell me doesn't work with Windows 10 even as I'm using it with devices I've upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

    Now where they did drop the ball was Windows Phone and the Microsoft Band 2. Damn I loved that Band 2 design, and I loved having a piece of Microsoft tech on my wrist... but they couldn't overcome that battery problem, and pretty much abandoned the sync service. If I was only invested in Surface products, I would've never, ever had a reason to ditch Windows... but I unfortunately was all in for Microsoft. Windows Phone, MS Band, Xbox only with no signs of Nintendo or Sony anywhere...

    ...but killing off windows phone meant severely weakening UWP... when they killed Windows Phone, "buy it on desktop, use it on mobile too" fell apart and my heart was no longer in it for Microsoft.

    Of course... I still have attachment issues with the Surface+Windows Phone+MS Band ecosystem I loved so much, hence why present day "Apple person" me is still frequenting these forums from my MBP.
    Its ok that your here, Maybe its not all rainbows and unicorns over in Apple land. Besides when you've had the best computer experience "Surface" & phone OS experience "Win mobile" then all else pales somewhat after that. So stick around and hopefully Microsoft will surprise " surface headphones" and possibly still amaze us " Andromeda" next year in 2019 :-)
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    10-26-2018 12:29 AM
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