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    Skip to the last paragraph if you want to hear the specific problem and solution. The middle paragraph is just for context, basically.Earlier I posted a thread asking about OneDrive limits. For a few days now I've been attempting to upload my entire (and rather extensive) music collection onto my OneDrive. Repeatedly I was met with a frustrating little yellow triangle that attached itself like a parasite to the OneDrive icon. Also, all files would quit syncing and near the bottom the error message "Files can't be uploaded to your OneDrive because of an issue with a folder name" taunted me.
    At first, I thought that the error message was less about the specifics and more about the error. Meaning, I didn't think it really had anything to do with folder names, because the only folders that really differentiated from the norm was Mötley Crüe and Queensr˙che, yet they uploaded with no issue. I assumed at first that I was overloading OneDrive, giving it too much information to process at once (uploading my entire collection at the same time). I then started to stagger, uploading one letter at a time in quick succession. Same issue. I, again, assumed it was an overload issue, and was disappointed at OneDrive's relatively pathetic limits at information handling. My next step was to upload every letter, one at a time, and wait between each one until the last one had uploaded completely. At exactly sixty folders, the same issue popped up. This is when I started doing research. I couldn't find any RECENT information about OneDrive (the articles I found were over six months old) so I brought the issue here. I speculated that there was a possible limit of sixty folders within another folder (i.e. sixty artists inside the "Music" folder), and concluded that if this was the case, OneDrive is rubbish for music, as the majority of people who care enough to back up their music stores to OneDrive probably have more than 60 artists. I asked for any feedback on OneDrive limitations, and that I would continue to look for both the precise problem and for a solution.
    Well, I found it. After more experimenting and twiddling with my music, I discovered that the problem arose when trying to upload my Metallica. More specifically, Metallica's "... And Justice for All" album. You see, OneDrive apparently has no idea what to do with periods at the beginning of a file name. The workaround is to...remove the periods (gasp). However, I don't accept this as a complete solution. It's a tiny matter, but frustrating and has cost me hours because three periods has compromised the syncing of thousands of files. I know this is a lot of run up for essentially an ellipsis, but it's such a tiny problem that has cost me HOURS of my life, because no one has written about it (that I found), and it's such an unassuming problem. I thought that out of everything in my music the "ü" and such would be the issue but that's not it at all. I urge all of you to go yell at Microsoft to resolve this. Thank you.
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    06-24-2015 10:01 PM

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