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    I enjoy using my cellphone camera and it takes pretty decent pictures but I think they could be a lot better.

    I don't understand pretty well what all those settings or what the different resolutions can bring, so any good site or personal recommendations will be amazing. ( I can't seem to take any Macro shots )

    Here are some examples of macro shots.
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    Tip 1) Good lighting is key. The best camera and the best photographer in the world can still take crappy pictures without good lighting. And sometimes it is just a matter of changing the angle.

    Tip 2) Good lighting!

    Tip 3) Hold the camera as still as possible. Play with different ways of holding the camera to achieve this.

    Tip 4) Half press the camera button to focus first, and then press all the way down. By pressing all the way down at once, you are more likely to move the camera before it has actually already taken the picture.

    Tip 5 - 999) Good lighting!

    Tip 1000) When you have plenty of lighting and taking of colorful pictures, go to settings and turn on Wide Dynamic Range and see if it helps.

    Tip 1001) Hold the camera steady!

    Tip 1002) Good lighting!

    Tip 1003) The closer you are to things the more you have to hold it steady! Why do you think professional shots are taken on a tripod often? You need really good lighting and a really fast shutter speed to take crisp shots with the camera moving.
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    Good Lighting you said? It would have never occur to me.

    MY phone doesn't have the Wide Dynamic range setting. ( I have an Optimus 7, here are it's options )

    1-Intelligent Shot. (?)

    2-Beauty shot ( Soften the face, takes away wrinkles, looks inhuman )

    3-Panorama shot ( Sticks 5 pictures together )

    4-ScanSearch ( augment reality )

    5-Photo Resolution (?)
    *4.3 standar 5MP (2592X1944)
    *4.3 standar 1MP (1280x960)
    *16:9 wide 3.6MP (2560x1440)
    *16:9 wide 2MP (1920x1080)
    *16:9 wide 1MP (1280x720)

    6-Brightness (?)

    7-White balance (some artsy settings )

    Super fine


    The ones that have an (?) next to it, means I don't know exactly what they do.
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    I would actually love some more tips on how to make the best out of shooting with these cameras, as it is these cameras are crap (compared to your usual DSLR or even a dedicated pocket camera) I love taking snaps of random things, however I feel that carrying a camera around on a daily basis is 1. A chick thing and 2. Too much to carry around... Anything more than my wallet, phone, and maybe a pen is too much to pocket. So naturally when these high quality Nokia devices with kickass cameras come out I'm goin to town with em lol.
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    What's the best resolution for PC/Facebook viewing?
    06-05-2011 01:12 AM
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    Unless you are running low on space, I do not see any reason why not to take the highest resolution. You can always resize it down later.
    06-05-2011 10:20 AM