1. iCaptnSpaulding's Avatar
    I'm trying to sort out my pictures and I'm a bit lost as there seems to be too many albums.
    So far I have Camera Roll, Saved Pictures, HD7 Wallpaper, Mobile Uploads (from Windows Live), SkyDrive Camera Roll (from Windows Live) and 7 albums from facebook which also has Mobile Uploads and also duplicate pictures in Profile Pictures.

    Is there a way of selecting which albums you want to sync? I don't see much point in the two Windows Live/Skydrive albums as they don't sync in full size, plus I don't get why it has two albums - surely just one album names 'Skydrive Photos' would make more sense?

    I also just realised Zune only sees jpeg files so I had to convert all my wallpapers including some I saved from these forums to jpeg, which is obviously a lower resolution so doesn't look as good on the phone.

    Does Mango arrange the Pictures album somewhat better?

    Sorry if I seem moany, just trying to get my head around it all lol

    09-27-2011 08:11 AM
  2. astroXP's Avatar
    A bit off-topic: It's going to be interesting in the couple of weeks how WP will handle Facebook new features, specially about the pictures within timeline. I mean, when I go to the Pictures Hub > All - How many gazzilion albums are there going to be! o_O I hope WP sorts pictures in a year/month way.

    On-topic: I don't think it's possible as of now to choose which album to sync :/ And yes, it's beyond annoying having all those Mobile albums from Facebook. I just don't get why for every 100 pictures uploaded from your mobile, Facebook creates a new Mobile album.
    09-27-2011 11:19 AM