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OneDrive Photo album freezing


New member
Jan 6, 2021

I had trouble finding a good title for this question, will try to explain.
Currently testing the free version of onedrive before purchasing it for my photo collection.

I have uploaded some folders with photos and created albums from them.
One of the albums contain only scanned fotos in .tif format.
When I try to view this album on any android device this is what happens:
Right after clicking any image in the album it opens briefly, freezes entire screen turn white until the picture is loaded. However, when loaded it displays "1 of 1" photos loaded, and I am unable to right or left sweep to look at other pictures in the same album.
Other albums with .jpgs work fine, only the album containing scanned images does not work. The album with .tifs also used to work before but a couple of weeks after the upload I ran into this issue.

Does anyone experience the same issue? I guess the scanned .tif images contain far less meta data than any original .jpeg from a camera, so I was wondering if the lack of meta data can create this issue in the onedrive app?

Any thoughts?

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