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    Anyone else getting this? I've blasted out 3 tweets to @windowsphone, @WinPhoneSupport, & @NokiaUS w/ a screenshot to show that I'm not crazy. Weirdest thing.

    Bought new L920 @ Microsoft Store. Out of box, after initial setup, failed to sync (at all). Not only does sync not work, but access to phone storage doesn't either (media folders disappear). Returned device for a new one.

    Second L920 had same failure. Hard reset it and synced w/ no problems. After a few hours of installing apps, configuring Start screen, went back to sync some music and failed abruptly with the same error.

    I've tried this on a Windows 8 laptop and my Windows RT-powered Surface RT. Same results. And no response from Microsoft. Thoughts?

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    11-13-2012 02:19 PM
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    First, welcome to WPCentral!

    Unfortunately I can't offer much help insofar as resolving your issue goes, but I do have a suggestion about your request. You might want to provide more information about what the error is, as the screenshot is basically unreadable. I've tried to read it on my desktop and through the WPCentral app, and apart from "Your phone is having troubles", I can't see what it says. As far as I know, error codes come in many different flavours, so it would be helpful to know which flavor this one is.

    Nice picture, by the way. Where was that taken?
    11-13-2012 02:39 PM

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