1. graciaman's Avatar
    Up until the last few days I had been loving the new www.outlook.com and the way it integrated chat in the sidebar much like Windows 8's pinning apps side by side. I could chat with any of my friends from Facebook who were online.

    A few days ago an update was pushed out to the Windows 8 and Windows RT for the People app.

    Since this update many of my Facebook friends no longer appear online in the People nor the Messaging app, nor do they even appear on my outlook.com account when I try to chat with them.

    What's even stranger is that if they have "liked" a post of mine or commented etc I am able to access their profile through the People app by going to that post and then clicking on their name/icon under the list of people who have commented and liked my post, but under the alphabetical listing of all my contacts in the main People page they are absent.

    I have adjusted numerous settings and unlinked and relinked my Facebook profile to my Windows Live profile/Microsoft account but absolutely nothing is solving the issue.

    Thanks for your help!

    11-15-2012 01:53 PM