1. BasketCase13's Avatar
    Today is the first time I've taken my Lumia 620 overseas.

    i landed and turned off data roaming, but the triangle is still there. At home, it always says "3G" when I'm connected to it, and it doesn't have that icon here. So...i think data roaming is off, but the triangle is rather disconcerting.

    i tried turning it off and on etc.

    Anyone else had this problem? My old iPhone never did that.

    06-27-2013 09:44 PM
  2. klcow's Avatar
    The triangle appears even with data off, it shows you that you are currently roaming overseas (as in mobile network, not data).
    06-28-2013 01:40 AM
  3. BasketCase13's Avatar
    Ah ok thank you. I couldn't figure it out. :)
    06-28-2013 10:19 PM
  4. bgpt45's Avatar
    Must I have to roam in my own profider country? If we were abroad I'm agree, but not in your own country. I have Lumia 630 Dual SIM, the first SIM is using the profider where i live and the second from a profider abroad, but I saw 2 triangles. For the second I'm agree, but not for the first SIM. Try to disable "roam" option, but no data connectivity is possible. At this time option "roam" is always on! I think it's a bug from Microsoft!
    07-05-2014 05:08 AM

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