1. icstars989's Avatar
    Is there a way to turn off the txt interruption while you're on Bluetooth? It really screws up my music while I listen. After I say ignore, Xbox music rarely resumes, and when I get back to the music app I have to start the file over. For music its no big deal, but when I listen to a 4hr Stern show its annoyingly frustrating.
    08-21-2013 06:21 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Settings >> speech >> read aloud audio confirmation >> off
    icstars989 likes this.
    08-21-2013 06:27 PM
  3. icstars989's Avatar
    Settings >> speech >> read aloud audio confirmation >> off
    ahh, how did I miss that! Thanks a lot!
    08-21-2013 07:22 PM

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