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    Hello everybody!

    I use the OneNote app on my Lumia 925 on a daily basis and find it highly useful. However since I started using it something odd has happend.
    Most of the time I just use the section "Quick Notes" in my notebook, and when I first started using the app it launched directly into this section. Then at some point it started to launch into my one and only notebook instead, which was alright as it contains two other sections besides "Quick Notes". But now it has started to constantly launch into the notebook-selection page, which contains only one notebook. I then have to choose my one notebook each time I launch the app, before I can even select the section i wanna add a note to.

    Is there a solution to this? It's quite annoying, especially since it wasn't always like this...

    Hope you Guys can help me out! Thanks! ;)
    12-29-2013 12:49 PM
  2. dznk's Avatar
    I'd never really thought about this, but yes, mine can open in to different areas sometimes. I think I have found a little technique which will make OneNote open to whichever screen you want it to, but it relies upon you having "Update3" (GDR3) installed and isn't the best workaround, but it does seem to work.

    Anyway, open OneNote and navigate to the screen that you want it to open up to each time you run OneNote. Now hold the back button down and press the little X to close OneNote manually. Now when you open OneNote it should open up to this screen. The only downside to this method though, is that say you are in your Quick Notes and you have just finished editing a page within this section, you'll need to back out of it as you do normally to save it, then stop on the screen which you want OneNote to open up to. Then manually close OneNote on this screen using the above method and next time you run OneNote it will open up to your particular screen that you wanted. Not the best method I know, as it relies on you remember to manually close OneNote each time you use it, but it does seem to work.

    As I'm often using different notebooks from SkyDrive, it doesn't personally bother me what screen OneNote opens up to as I'm usually navigating to different notebooks anyway, but this method may help you out. It's a shame you can't pin an actual Notebook or section, just pages. I'll let you know if I discover a better way of getting it to open to the same screen each time, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
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    12-30-2013 09:16 AM
  3. Kimboo's Avatar
    Thanks! I didn't realise you could affect the screen OneNote opens up to like that!

    As I haven't received Update 3 yet I had to work out another way to do the same thing though. Turns out that if you don't have Update 3 you can get the same result by going to the screen you want OneNote to open up in, then minimize the app using the Windows-button, then lock and unlock the phone. When you reopen the app it will then close from that screen. And open up in it again the next time as well.

    Like you said, not a perfect solution, but it did solve my problem and is far less annoying than having to navigate to my notebook each time. Many thanks! :)
    12-30-2013 08:09 PM
  4. dznk's Avatar
    No problem at all, good to hear you've found a way to make it work in GDR2
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    12-31-2013 07:03 AM

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