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    I was going to post in the Lumia Icon thread because that is the phone i am wanting, this pertains more to the OS which is why i am posting it here.Long story short i went from an HTC 8X to my current Droid DNA because of the lack of apps. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the OS, i didn't need a notification bar with live tiles, it was fantastic. Looking back now i don't even remember which apps i needed (Asides from Pandora) Ever since i purchased a Surface, never owning a tablet before, I found myself migrating most of the things i relied on my smartphone for, on to my Surface. Looking at my phone now, there is nothing i need on it more than a few things:

    1. Phone calls (obviously)
    2. Camera
    3. Data tethering

    Looking at the design and Camera quality of the Nokia Lumia Icon, i have really been wanting to get back to Windows Phone to complete the ecosystem. I have a Windows 8 PC, Surface 2 RT....and an Android phone. Not that having multiple devices from multiple Companies is messy, just makes sense to me, and i miss the Windows phone OS terribly. Seeing as how I know the Icon...makes phone calls...and has a beautiful 20 MP camera, The data tethering app is the only thing i'm unsure of. So to sum it up..

    TL;DR Is there any good tethering apps in the Windows phone store that can use my LTE from my phone to whatever other device i choose?
    **Note** I still have unlimited data from Verizon, which is why this matters so much. Being able to connect my Surface to super fast 4G LTE is a must, please help!
    03-12-2014 03:24 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Windows Phone has tethering built in. You don't need an app. You simply go to Settings -> Internet Sharing

    However, you'll be on Verizon which if memory serves you have to have it activated to use it. This has nothing to do with MS or Nokia. They can't control the carriers so please keep that in mind. Best to check with Verizon.
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    03-12-2014 04:17 AM

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