1. Saiyaku's Avatar
    Dunno where to post this issue since as far as I noticed the problem is on the account rather than the OS, but here will have to suffice

    In short: I'm completely unable to grant access to my account to any application requiring it, be it calendars, [s]skydr[/s] onedrive, contact list, etc.

    The first time I noticed the problem was when I installed Chronos Calendar on a new phone and it refused to sync with my Live account. Then I found out that every other app, from emulators to my movie library, were also unable to connect. Typically, the app will correctly redirect me to my log in page, which in turn will send me to the "Allow access to your data?" infoscreen which will also correcly state the name of the app and the permissions required. At this point both "Yes" and "No" buttons will basically do nothing and kick me back to the application.

    I thought that this was simply some retarded quirk of WP8 that a reset would fix, but then I checked on a WP7 device and the problem persists. This account isn't banned and can download applications from the store normally, and also can access without problems my onedrive space -- as long as I enter directly, it's the two step verification through a third party app that fails...

    Any clue about this?
    03-27-2014 08:10 PM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Not sure here exactly ...
    Are there 2 phones on one MS account sharing the same e-mail?
    03-27-2014 08:15 PM
  3. Saiyaku's Avatar
    Yes, both phones share the same main account, but I think this scenario was allowed? At the very least I could redownload all my WP7 paid items onto WP8 at no cost, so I don't see the problem. Interestingly enough, back in the day I could authorize apps with no issues as I had a fair bit of them listed on my LIVE account and Chronos Calendar used to work on the old WP7 device (once I revoked the permission directly from the LIVE account, I was unable to restore it from the app)
    03-28-2014 03:18 PM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    I wonder if you set up a second MS account move one of the phones to that one to see if account permissions clears.
    Maybe there's a security feature now that sees one device as a cloned account (just guessing here)
    03-28-2014 03:57 PM

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