1. danygandhi's Avatar
    1. Microsoft account will not sync. Says Attention required with Hotmail error code 80070005.
    2. Wont update apps
    3. Wont install apps with same error code.
    4. Cortana would not load saying "Its taking me longer than i expected to calibrate things to my satisfaction. You can try again now or come back later."

    Please help!!!
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    04-14-2014 03:48 PM
  2. Saurav Shyam's Avatar
    cortana is working for me, but cant update email, cant download apps.. Error keeps on popping up
    04-14-2014 09:17 PM
  3. sukku's Avatar
    Same problem here. Any one with ideas to fix this , I see no updates or installations happening either. So my Maps, Drive etc etc doesn't work :(
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    04-15-2014 02:04 AM
  4. Dushyant Sarvaiya's Avatar
    Hey Did ur Store Started working ??
    Bcoz i just now updated my phone and its showing the same error !!
    04-15-2014 08:20 AM
  5. jwckauman's Avatar
    Im getting this error as well.
    04-15-2014 11:43 AM
  6. Missle1978's Avatar
    Same here. Email wont update, most apps wont update, when in settings if i click on battery it does nothing. Dont wanna do a soft or hard reset as i dont think that will solve the problem. Any help??????????
    04-15-2014 06:38 PM
  7. rain maker's Avatar
    i've got same problems, soft and hard reset did not worked for me
    04-15-2014 06:43 PM
  8. TuPham Tupham's Avatar
    04-15-2014 09:11 PM
  9. TuPham Tupham's Avatar
    I have the same problem here. After a night, I woke up and all happened.
    Apps Store can't update.
    Cortana takes too long blabla.
    Hotmail can't sync.
    And some more.
    Maybe it's a new issue and I can't find any solution so far. Hope that it will be fixed soon.
    04-15-2014 09:16 PM
  10. ven07's Avatar
    These issues might be related to the store.. Give it until tomorrow :) The last time people complained about the store it was back up and running in a matter of hours
    04-15-2014 09:19 PM
  11. Dare2Blink's Avatar
    Im still getting the same error on my girlfriends 720 everytime I try to sync her Hotmail account or install/update any app. However my 1020 has so such issues. What is going on
    04-16-2014 09:09 AM
  12. Girish Viswanathan's Avatar
    Were you able to find a resolution to this problem? I am apparently hitting the exact same issue and not sure how to resolve it.
    04-17-2014 04:03 PM
  13. Coeur de lion's Avatar
    Having the same issue with Lumia 920 on T-Mobile. I hope the update team is aware of this.
    04-20-2014 08:03 PM
  14. rain maker's Avatar
    Ok, ive fixed this error by setting manualy datetime right.
    04-20-2014 08:25 PM
  15. Akash Srivastava2's Avatar
    so guys, here is the solution. You need to ensure your data is backed up by looking up in settings and then backup. The next thing you need to do is go to settings and then open about section and then reset your phone. you will go through the spinning gears again and then you will be seeing a screen to set up ur phone as it was the first time u bought. it will ask you to verify your accounts including hotmail and then restore your backup to phone (apps take about 20-30 mins to restore with wifi) and ta daa ur phone will be free of errors. I did not lose much of the data only some photos as my phone restored to a 5 day before backup and some third party apps i deployed using sdks thats it. and yes! the version will still remain windows phone 8.1 without errors!

    Hope it helps. Tried myself on my 520
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    04-21-2014 04:06 AM
  16. Chirag Bokadia's Avatar
    same problem...can't sync to hotmail and also can't delete the account....can any1 help on dis issue?
    08-15-2014 06:41 AM
  17. Quy Luong's Avatar
    Hi there,

    You should reset the phone to get the apps again.

    Use Setting>About>Reset your phone. You should backup data before reset and restore it after reset.

    Good luck!
    09-04-2014 02:39 AM
  18. adrian1338's Avatar
    A reset should not be seen as a solution to a problem guys. it is a workaround that totally sucks especially in those cases where you don't have control over backups like on windows phone. because its not a backup but a "we try to find all information we have stored for you in onedrive and try to reinstall your system somehow.
    02-27-2015 04:58 AM

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