1. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    yesterday after updating to the recent OS version through phone update. i did a factory reset and now when i am opening store under my apps it is showing several apps as not compatible with my phone. i have a lumia 520 and previously all those apps worked fine for me. i have attached a screenshot.any help will be of great use.

    05-15-2014 12:32 AM
  2. iitmanojit's Avatar
    Some system apps have been updated to the updated significant ones. Like the Cellular data is now Cellural+SIM. And for other updates try checking the WP Store and get the new ones (updated).
    05-15-2014 01:12 AM
  3. gerzhwin's Avatar
    I have this problem with Board Express and another app. Post it to the official WP8.1 Dev Preview bugs thread, maybe someone knows something ...

    BTW: Quiz To Win works for me.
    05-15-2014 03:24 AM
  4. Dnamb's Avatar
    Try changing regions...
    praveen9663 likes this.
    05-15-2014 03:37 AM
  5. hotphil's Avatar
    It's a Dev Preview so the Dev's can preview it and update their applications...
    05-15-2014 04:36 AM
  6. praveen9663's Avatar
    Change the region which you used during installation....I think you downloaded with "United States" region...
    05-15-2014 04:38 AM
  7. oditius's Avatar
    I have ones like that on my phone. Funny thing is, it's still installed... Go figure...
    05-15-2014 06:15 AM

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