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    I know that when we use any company service/s we have to accept their terms especially if the service/s is/are free. But, when company/ies abused their terms, things start to get ugly for the user. I am very aware that I am giving some of these companies an open door to [some] of my information and I am ok with that if I want to use their services. But, when a companies like FB and worse Google start changing their terms to take power from me in what they should know about me so I can use their "products" things get ugly and is when I begin to move away little by little from them. Case point, is this article I just read about an ex-executive from Google, read it and you realized just as I did why Google does not deserve to be use by any of us; especially does using WP. The only service I will continue to use is Youtube and this is until other video platform catches up with Youtube, yes I am using a Gmail account to use this service but, I do not use this email for anything else. Although, you can still use Youtube without log in. I just wish MS could acquire and video platform so it gives Google some competition.
    Thanks for nothing, jerkface | ZDNet
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    06-08-2014 05:43 PM
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    I have no idea why anybody expects anything else. That has always been their business model. Nothing is free. It's Google's duty to go to as far as they legally can to monetize their services. It stands to reason that Google will go farther than most users imagine.
    06-08-2014 05:59 PM

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