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    So I've had the WP8.1 dev preview for a while on my 520 on the o2 network and recently changed to Three. Since then my data connection keeps getting blocked. I've spoken to them and they've said that the system thinks I am tethering which isn't allowed in my contract so it's blocking my account. I'm not though.

    I think it works by looking at the user agent string of the browser and if it thinks it's a desktop browser it gives an error message and blocks you. So I keep trying to tell them that the OS is quite new and the UA string has changed so maybe that's the issue. Finally they are investigating but I can't believe I'm the only person on Three with 8.1!

    So I'm just curious if anyone else using the Three network with ie11 on wp8.1 has had any issues.

    I guess it's for reasons like this that the carriers like to test new OS's before releasing them...
    06-21-2014 10:34 AM
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    06-21-2014 02:13 PM
  3. brixpaul's Avatar
    06-21-2014 02:20 PM
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    Ok thanks. 2nd line support told me they hadn't had any reports of a problem like this! They dont seem very connected up. I tried to explain that it was their tethering block that was causing it but they didn't seem to get it.

    Any idea if they are actually going to fix it or is everyone on 8.1 going to have to ring up and get passed around support for two weeks, and then work out what the problem is themselves using forums like these to get a data connection.

    Have I misunderstood or surely it should be simple enough as adding the user agent string of ie11 to the list of allowed browsers. Because the first person I spoke to confirmed that this was how the system decides whether to block or not.
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    06-21-2014 02:57 PM
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    They have to put an exception on each individual account is the way I read it until the official update is released and they(three) add their bits to it.
    06-21-2014 04:50 PM

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