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    So I was just listening to some Music coming from my work PC while in bed with my 1520 thinking about how neat it would be if I could control the Xbox Music App without hauling my *** through my entire flat by simply using a Windows Phone App.

    Does anyone know of an Windows Phone App that allows control over the Windows Desktop Xbox Music App?

    Just tried mmusic Remote Xbox Music which doesn't work as the necessary Desktop Client just keeps crashing without even pairing with my Phone.
    07-02-2014 02:48 PM
  2. link68759's Avatar
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    07-02-2014 03:02 PM
  3. Durahl's Avatar
    That was probably the fastest reply with the shortest but still most useful answer I've ever got on any forum.

    Thank you very much!
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    07-02-2014 03:25 PM

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