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    There have been some good threads about how to sync Outlook contacts and calendar entries using an Exchange ActiveSync account. This involves creating an Exchange ActiveSync account within Outlook, followed by a duplicate set of Contacts and Calendar entries associated with that account, and then using those exclusively in day-to-day activity on a going-forward basis.

    However, we make copious use of attachments to Contacts and Calendar entries. The ActiveSync account's set of Contacts and Calendar entries don't allow attachments. That means that if you want an attachment to, say, a calendar entry, you have to create it in both your original Outlook calendar (where an attachment may be added, but it won't sync) and in the Exchange ActiveSync calendar (which will sync, but won't allow attachments). We're fine with not receiving the attachments on a phone or a even a Surface Pro 3, but having to create a duplicate contact or calendar entry (to allow an attachment to be added in Outlook at all) is a pain.

    Are we missing something to make this easier?

    07-29-2014 02:46 PM

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