1. debrgos's Avatar
    I am using wp 8.1 dp with gdr 1 and Lumia black.The live folders work like a charm on my Lumia.I'm here to share an easy way to create a live TIME HUB FOLDER TILE with a LIVE CALENDAR TILE and a LIVE DIGITAL CLOCK TILE within the folder.The wonder is both the tiles of the calendar and the clock remain VISIBLY LIVE even within the folder tile, that is, both of the live tiles pop up on the start screen, remain there for sometime and then slide away. In this way I have made a contracts hub live folder tile in which I added my speed dial numbers and the f folder tile shows who called. Likewise I added a message hub folder with WhatsApp, Message, Line in it and all new messages show LIVE on that message hub folder tile.To make the Time hub live folder, download TILE CLOCK,create its live tile,then create a live tile of the default Calendar app,and finally just press and hold any one of the two live tiles and drag and place it over the other live tile and voila,you have your LIVE TIME HUB FOLDER.thank you.I wish I could post the screenshots of my beautiful start screen here.
    08-16-2014 11:48 AM
  2. wuiyang's Avatar
    go to people hub, select your favorite contact (eg: family, friends, co-worker), pin to screen, put them to a folder separately (family goes to family live folder etc), you got multiple people hub now

    PS: to make it more realistic, set all tiles to small (or else if medium or big it will pop out in live folder sometime)
    08-17-2014 09:06 AM

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