08-30-2015 12:45 PM
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  1. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    The question is simple : what would you do if Windows Phone 8.1 is dropped and abandoned ?
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    08-30-2014 06:00 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    You're asking me? Oh. Okay.

    I'll most likely keep using my phone, then two choices:
    1. Switch to iOS
    2. Go for Jolla or whatever Nokia produces in the future.

    Keep it simple!
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    08-30-2014 06:06 AM
  3. JunIzNumbah1's Avatar
    Switch to IOS or get a low end android phone and just use them for games and music
    08-30-2014 06:11 AM
  4. binnyandrews's Avatar
    The question is simple : what would you do if Windows Phone 8.1 is dropped and abandoned ?
    What made you ask this question?
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    08-30-2014 06:15 AM
  5. PaulMilbank's Avatar
    If Jolla or Ubuntu release hardware to a global scale, that would be my go to. Think I just like an underdog maybe! Not a fan of ios and although I like android, I don't like google much. Maybe buy a nexus and de google it.
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    08-30-2014 06:19 AM
  6. kilrathi29's Avatar
    Switch to IOS or get a low end android phone and just use them for games and music
    Low end Android is a laggish rubbish. It's not worth it (trust me I had one of those, or not it's your choice ;) ).
    As for the question I would stick with it until I had enough money for an iOS phone or something new from NOKIA
    08-30-2014 06:21 AM
  7. Makm's Avatar
    Sth android. (dnt hate me ppl)
    08-30-2014 06:22 AM
  8. SillyFlamingo's Avatar
    Since I'd not be willing to pay the Apple pices Android would be the only choice.
    Hopefully it will not come to that point though I fear the new MS management is and will be under big pressure if WP isn't improving its marketshares. Maybe a less annoying Windows (!) 9 helps the whole MS ecosytem.
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    08-30-2014 06:25 AM
  9. a5cent's Avatar
    I'd hope it isn't badly hurt by the drop and that it is found soon enough and given a new home. Being abandoned sucks...

    Then I'd eat a sandwich.
    08-30-2014 06:25 AM
  10. FAHMI BASSEM's Avatar
    I'll switch to MeGo, Nokia N9
    08-30-2014 06:29 AM
  11. a5cent's Avatar
    Or I'd buy a large iPhone 6. I like Android better, but I can't tolerate Google's business model. I'm not willing to be the product.
    08-30-2014 06:34 AM
  12. Zaklinac's Avatar
    I would switch to BlackBerry. The OS is great, phones are beautiful. Only thing which holds me back from trying Z30 is 720p 5 inch display.
    08-30-2014 06:37 AM
  13. always_salil's Avatar
    Probably Microsoft would have come up with something else by then. I would go with that.
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    08-30-2014 06:38 AM
  14. salmanahmad's Avatar
    Wouldn't really matter, since I've already switched back to Android. However I would miss Windows Phone and it's unique concepts.

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    08-30-2014 06:42 AM
  15. maclancer's Avatar
    I do not think that with all the billions invested by Microsoft that they will abandon the platform so easy. But let say that they do it... Not a big issue for me... I will move to the soon release iPhone 6.
    08-30-2014 06:44 AM
  16. Muessig's Avatar
    I'd likely keep using my Windows Phone.
    08-30-2014 06:51 AM
  17. MAHER_Central's Avatar
    Keep using my Windows phone. When it gets old, I'll buy an iPhone.
    08-30-2014 06:52 AM
  18. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    Keep it and when it's "old", buy an Android... Any one, except samsungs lol
    08-30-2014 06:54 AM
  19. HelloLudger's Avatar
    I would switch to the Nokia Z1, with Z Launcher, HERE Maps and PlayStore.
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    08-30-2014 06:56 AM
  20. Vishnu Hs's Avatar
    Switch to android!!already planning
    08-30-2014 06:57 AM
  21. maclancer's Avatar
    Keep using my Windows phone. When it gets old, I'll buy an iPhone.
    That's what exactly will do. I will use it until something happen that don't work anymore or get pretty old. Then I will move to an iPhone 6.
    08-30-2014 07:05 AM
  22. pedmar007's Avatar
    Nothing because when that does happen there'd be 0 need for another device as the world would be at an END!!!!
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    08-30-2014 07:08 AM
  23. stevemind's Avatar
    No chance......more likely ios will be abandoned!
    08-30-2014 07:16 AM
  24. adkrish22290's Avatar
    Windows Phone will never be discontinued.

    But assuming it did, I would switch to Blackberry. The OS used in those phones (Blackberry 10) is the best mobile OS after WP and it heavily focuses on security. All other mobile OSs (not counting Nokia's OSes) are plain rubbish.
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    08-30-2014 07:20 AM
  25. lesd777's Avatar
    I'd continue to use my WP , but id grab an Android.at some point.
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    08-30-2014 07:24 AM
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