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    Hello everybody. I have had almost all of android flagships and finally decided to give WP a try. I purchased a Lumia 830 and it was love at the first sight!.
    After a couple of days, I started to notice some annoying problems for which I couldn't find any solution:

    1- I always have law signal at my office, so I set my phone to another network manually by enabling roaming. On android, there was no problem after that, but here in WP I cannot make or receive any phone calls but just texts. It says SYSTEM BUSY and beeps...

    2- I see no option to set the data speed to 3g only!

    3- Notifications from social apps such as Telegram, Viber ... are delayed up to about half an hour. although I'm always on WIFI, it shows me as offline to my friends, unless I open the apps manually! Why?!!1

    4- Maps is not comparable to Google maps. Just search "Resturant" in your area and compare the results on both platforms.

    5- I usually have to write so many addresses and numbers. When no access to a pen and paper, I used to record calls and playback later and android, but in WP I couldn't fine any app for that. Is there any?

    6- There is no proper formatting of the numbers for dialing numbers, for example, it shows 0911111111111 instead of 0911 111 1111 in dial pad.

    7- Very old fashioned SMS delivery notification, you'll receive a sms from your carrier every time!

    I really love MS and WP and my Nokia 830. I just cant stand these shortcomings. I really appreciate if anybody has any solutions to these, specially the first one.

    Many thanks im so grateful.
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    08-24-2015 04:51 AM
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    4,6,7 makes no sense.

    1-Ask from your nearest MS care.
    2-you can use DATA SENSE app for this.
    3- turn off your battery saver or head to the settings of an app.
    5-I think there is no any recording call feature released yet. But you can use OneNote or Office for write address and text.

    It is upto you during time of purchasing . And by the way every mobile user who wants some change usually checks the official site or take an overview of the phone.

    Anyways you should have to try/ask some basics using Lumia Help+ Tips app which is already installed in our your Lumia. You can also find it in STORE for free.

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    08-24-2015 11:30 AM

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