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    My several family members, including me, each have our home phone number (land line) listed in their Contact info on my phone (Lumia 640, W8.1). But, when anyone calls from that phone number, the Caller ID info displayed on my phone screen is for... me.

    Is there a way to associate that specific phone number (the land line) with a specific Contact on my phone... ideally the contact called "Home Phone" that I have created for this purpose... so that that specific contact is displayed when there's an incoming call from that number?

    First World Problems, I know... but I'd like to see the person's name if they're calling from their mobile, and "Home Phone" if it's someone calling from... home. (This issue also arises when members of other families, who share a home phone, call me... it seems somewhat random which other-family member gets displayed in those cases.) I'm sure there must be a setting for this, I just haven't been able to find it...

    09-11-2015 04:48 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You are halfway there... You created Home Phone.

    Now remove the "home phone" from each family member's contact info.

    For other families... Create a Johnson's House entry and remove home # from each Johnson contact.
    09-12-2015 11:08 AM

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