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May 28, 2013
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My 60+ sister is getting her first smart-phone. Her car does not have blue-tooth so I'm planning to get some add-on blue-tooth for her or replace her receiver with one that has blue-tooth.

I suspect an add-on is not an acceptable solution but would like to know if there is any such thing as a 3.5 aux blue-tooth adapter that does NOT require the receiver to be manually switched to aux input to use the phone. I know her current receiver could not be switched to aux without looking at the unit and punching the right buttons. Am I right about always needing to manually switch receiver input to aux to make/take calls? No possibility for the receiver to detect a signal on the 3.5 and automatically switch?

Assuming a new receiver is the only way to minimize taking eyes off the road, which actually handles voice commands for calling or playing music, etc.? Is it all the receiver or all in the phone or some combination? I want her to be able to push a button and say things like call xxxxxx (any contact on the phone). What makes me afraid too much is in the receiver is the absolutely horrendous experience my father has with his new Murano. He can't verbally specify home, mobile, etc as part of a call command. If a contact has multiple numbers, he's told to look down at a screen, and say the line number from a list of phone numbers! That's about as safe as him driving with his eyes closed for 5 to 10 seconds. In any of my cars, the same phone (L640), lets you just add the type of number (home, cell, etc) to the command.

Is there any way to know or have a high likelihood of "guessing" how a particular combination of aftermarket receiver and phone will behave? I mean short of physically testing the combination?

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