1. switch side method's Avatar
    Since my 8.1 update with cyan Nokia camera is so much worse. Pics are blurry and cant zoom in as much as the normal camera when I switch using lenses. This is on my 1520. Anyone else having this problem
    07-28-2014 12:24 PM
  2. jonathan sink's Avatar
    That stinks! That's one area I actually saw an improvement was my camera. Do you think maybe a bad install, perhaps reinstalling the update might work?
    switch side method likes this.
    07-28-2014 12:32 PM
  3. switch side method's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. Will give that a shot
    07-28-2014 12:48 PM
  4. switch side method's Avatar
    Seems to be working normal now
    07-28-2014 12:57 PM
  5. salmanahmad's Avatar
    This is disappointing, Lumia Cyan was designed was to improve the camera so that it could finally rival the speed and quality of rival high-end camera phones.

    I don't know what could be causing this. :/
    Sent from my RM-914_im_mea3_380 using Tapatalk
    07-28-2014 01:07 PM

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