1. PolarisBears's Avatar
    Welp, after days of trying to convince my mom to let me borrow her credit card to obtain an unlock token for ChevronWp7, I got one. Excited, I went to download the tool and run it. Wham, I need the 7.1 SDK. No big deal! I go to download that... it says that I can't install it until I remove Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools. I did that. Ran it again, it still said the same thing. I restarted my laptop. Same thing. I ran a search for "Visual Basic" on my laptop. Deleted EVERYTHING that had ANYTHING to do with Visual Basic off of my pc. Ran it again, still the same message. Restarted again, still the same message. How can I get this Visual Basic crap to go away once and for all, so I can unlock my phone?
    11-17-2011 10:35 PM