14316 blue screen problem eraserutilrebootdrv?

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14316 blue screen problem eraserutilrebootdrv

I updated to 14316rs1 on my desktop and now Norton Security seems be causing the BSOD since the file mentioned is eraserutilrebootdrv.sys.

I used Norton Removal Tool then reinstalled Norton but no luck.


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Dec 23, 2010
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From the forums on Symantecs Norton site:

Guardian Hope:I too have also been struck by this BSOD but I was able to quickly create a workaround that would let Norton Security continue to run (i.e. provide protection) but just not do any of the idle tasks.
The problem, even though reported in the blue screen as EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys​ it's actually being caused by another Symantec driver file: BHDrvx64.sys. This is what Windows 10 Pro Insider will report if you try to debug it or even just use NirSoft BlueScreenView on it. Basically, this means that, if this was Linux for example: the CPU is entering a panic state while already in a panic state. You're getting a double BSOD essentially.
Anyways, the workaround I am doing until Norton and/or Microsoft fix this:

  • Right Click the Norton Security Icon
  • Click "Turn Silent Mode On"
  • Set "Silent Mode" to "1 Day"
  • Repeat this by turning silent mode off and back on for one day before the 24 hours are up
​This prevents the background idle tasks from occurring which is what is resulting in the BSOD.
Your other option is to of course go back to the last build but as Insiders on the Fast Ring these things are expected to crop up from time to time and we are the people that are supposed to know how to work around them.
Hopefully Symantec can push out a patch soon but I too have also reported this issue to Microsoft with a screen capture via the Feedback Hub.

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