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2.1 speakers via headphone jack or audio card?


New member
Sep 6, 2018
My cheapo creative Sobwoofer & two satellite speakers blew up after a good three years of use so I looked into replacing them but it seems everything I find under the £100 range only plugs into the headphone jack.
I tried some £28 logitech ones that were L&R speakers only and they were total garbage. So I'm happy to spend £40-£70 for a low end subwoofer and two satellite speakers but everything I see on Amazon seems to still be headphone jack only.
Did something change? I've been using a simple 2.1 system for twenty years and they have always had three mini jacks to pluck into the back of my PC?
It seems like they all use the headphone jack or sometimes usb now? Is that just as good?
Any idea where I can get a good 2.1 system for under £100?

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