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Surface Studio 2 SD Card Audio Interference with External Speakers


New member
Feb 19, 2019
Hello Community!

Curious if we have any other Surface Studio 2 Owners who would might be experiencing the same issue.

Whenever I have an SD card in and data is being read (previews of images generated in Adobe Bridge for example) there is a lot of "screeching" audio interference in the external speakers plugged into the audio jack. (doesn't seem to create any audio interference with the stock / built in speaker system.

I filed a warranty claim and they sent a technician out with a new unit, same issue to a lesser extend, so I made the swap anyway (not to mention the QC on these units must be horrible to begin with as my previous screen "front" wasn't properly fit onto the base and left a small lip on the bottom.

I love the Surface Studio wayyy to much to scrap the whole product due to this small and infrequent issue, which could also be alluded by simply buying an external SD card reader, but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that paying upwards of $6k for a maxed out Studio 2...

Would love to hear any anyone else has this same issue or If I just happened across two random defective units.

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