2 weeks with 640. Don't want to give up on Windows Mobile but... Hints and help please.


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Oct 12, 2017
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Hello friends, Two weeks ago I bought a used (mint condition) 640 / Windows 10 Mobile. Coming from iOS, I must say I'm quite happy with how things work with Windows Mobile but II face same problems as others did like cruel lack of applications (but I can manage) and frequent restart. Can you help me with these points please.
  • Videos can't be played. Is there missing an app?
  • Major problems with DL apps from Store. Recurring errors.
  • Some apps have to be DL to Phone before being moved to SD card
  • Photos saved to SD card unavailable after a few time. Blank icons with an X.
  • How to send SMS through the computer instead of the Phone?

Don't get me wrong, I got hooked on this phone and Windows Mobile but I spend too much time in Parameters. Would like so much to just use it without stumbling on a small problem like above.
Can you help me?
Thanks to you all.


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Feb 6, 2015
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The sending SMS through your computer requires Cortana and the latest update of Windows 10 Mobile (along with Windows 10, which I believe you also need the latest update for too, on your computer).

For the apps that have to be downloaded to the phone before being moved, that's just the way it is.

The Store thing might be an issue right now, just try a soft reset by holding down volume down and power until the phone vibrates and restarts. After that, try the Store app again.

I'm not sure what kind of videos you mean. If you mean YouTube videos, check out MyTube, and Awesome Tube.

I hope that helps. Enjoy your new 640, it's a nice phone!
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