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.447 still major issues, Edge not syncing, SMS not coming through to pc or laptop.


New member
Oct 6, 2016
I bought my 950 as this service/facility was and still is advertised, myself and many other users cant use the function because it does not work,
I want my devices to sync, Bookmarks and reading list, it cant be that difficult? Also sms on laptop would be nice seeing as it worked for a few weeks,
how about giving us a manual sync button so we can force activate the sync feature for Edge browser.


Retired Ambassador
Dec 4, 2012
Sure, would be nice to have a sync button.

I had this problem once where syncing of edge bookmarks and stuff was not working... honestly I can;'t remember how I fixed it... It was either hard resting the phone or reinstalling windows.... Somehow, i'm leaning more to the latter.

Never had any problems after that.

P.S We're still waiting on tab syncing Microsoft!