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5.4.0f3-HTP download Assistant can't download Windows Store .NET Scripting backend.

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TLDR: 5.4.0f3-HTP download Assistant can't download Windows Store .NET Scripting backend. FILE CORRUPTION, Manual downloading .NET scripting backed receive 404 error

Hi developers, so I was trying to follow the tutorial provided by the hololens academy, and I encounter a few problems. I would like to explain and walk through my experience.

So I downloaded all required files as documented (hololens SDK, emulator etc.), and when I download the HTP (hololens technical preview), I am successful at downloading the unity.exe but the file for .NET scipting is corrupted. So I ignored the error, thinking i can just manually download the window store module later.

While I was working on Hello World, I was instructed to go to the build setting and export it through Window Store, which I fail at doing so due to the corrupted files. There was a button for "downloading the window module" which ends up a 404 error page.

***the following are just my problem solving afterwards**
So I try to download 5.4.X version of unity trying to solve my problem without using the HTP, which you guess it, it does not support window holographic. I am fustrated and I do not know what to do now.

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