5 Reasons why you should (and shouldn't) use Windows Recall on Windows 11

The Werewolf

May 4, 2014
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1. Easy content retrieval
Sure, or you could like organise things better. Also, given how generally awful Windows Search is, and how AI can be, will it really give you "easy content retrieval"? See the negatives #5.

2. Improve productivity
Again, just a little bit of organisation would cover 90% of this gain and with less errors. See the negatives #2, #4 and #5. Having to buy a whole new computer (and as of right now ONLY a high-end ARM based computer with significant storage and memory, which means laptop) isn't really a productivity bonus.

3. User-friendly interface
Uhm... this is a baseline, not a feature. Your argument here is literally "it doesn't suck horribly".

4. Offline operation
Again, given that this is basically a search feature, offline operation is a baseline. Forcing me to go online (and probably have to upload everything or a vector model of everything on my computer to the cloud) wouldn't be even remotely acceptable. Also see the negatives #1, #2 and #3,

5. Customization
We'll see. The best customization feature for some (many?) would be "do not turn it on ever" and given that we can't even get Copilot to turn off in Bing and Visual Studio, my gut says it's just a matter of time before it becomes a mandatory 'always on' feature.

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