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8.1.1 dev preview: When will it be available for 1520 in UK on O2?


New member
Dec 2, 2012
Hi I used to run the dev preview on my 1520 but the phoned needed to be replaced so now its back on 8.1. My questions are
1 Anyone know when 8.1.1 Cortana, etc. Is going to be available in the UK on O2?
2. Have Microsoft fixed the bug where if you were on the dev preview you had to roll the phone back to it's base version to get the released version of 8.1.1. If 8.1.1 is out shortly I'll wait
Oct 7, 2014
You can get cortana now in uk like I have. Just turn region to American English (it will download the speech settings) then make sure American English IS ABOVE English on the speech settings...reset your phone...all good to go. Then go to settings....swipe to the right and you will see cortana