Is WP 8.1.1 really available for at least the unbranded version of the HTC 8X (no dev preview pls)?


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I've tried searching about it on various search engines but I can't seem to get a straight answer. Most results talk about HTC making announcements that make it seem that 8.1.1 is ready to release, not released. I know that Sprint's 8XT is confirmed to be running the 8.1.1 update but all I've heard for the regular 8X is just about Preview for Developers.

I need to know because I'm choosing over an 8X I saw in a store at the mall and a Samsung ATIV S I8750 that someone is selling online back home (which I have to get someone to do the transaction for me and make the payment with remittances) which I probably won't get to touch until my vacation break hopefully this December. I'm also looking for a spec bump from my somewhat imported Lumia 625 (manufacturer name says laos_thailand) that can't seem to get 4G here in Qatar.


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Nov 12, 2012
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Developer Preview is your best bet with any non-Lumia.

I don't think its even hit any 8X's. I'm pretty sure I heard an 8X once got 8.1 somewhere, but HTC appears to not be very enthusiastic in tailoring and creating updates.
if its any consolation, HTC did update the firmware or something when there was a bug with 8.1 Update on the Preview. IIRC

Personally, I'd try to get an 820 if you can at the least. Or perhaps something new-yet-low-end like the 638 or something.

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