950XL in stock at MicrosoftStore Canada for a whole 5 minutes


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Oct 9, 2015
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I have been trying to purchase a 950XL for my father for XMAS. The local store is not accepting pre-orders anymore, they don't have it in stock and the Canada Microsoft Store won't take pre-orders either. The only option is to me emailed a notification of product availability. Well I got a notification and about 2 minutes after receiving it I tried to order the phone but the CA MS store didn't allow me to put it into a cart and wasn't showing as available. Just the stupid button to receive an email notification which is what I was responding to. Thinking that it might be simply a timing issue I opened up a chat session.

To my disappointment it wasn't a timing issue and they had no more stock. So the big question is how few phones are they manufacturing so as not to have stock within 2+ minutes of receiving the notification of availability.

It is what it is but would be nice if they could just get some stock. Just my rant as I am anxious to buy 2, one for me and one for my father but Microsoft isn't making this easy.

Loved the prepared standard answer I got as well.

You: Hi Jacquelyn, just received a notification that 950XLs are in stock at microsoftstore.ca just 2 minutes ago, clicked on the link to try and order and it is not showing as in stock. They couldn't have gone that fast.

JM: Hi there, and I'd be happy to help you with your Purchasing questions! If you could, please allow me 1-2 minutes to look into this for you, and I will be right back with you!

JM: Thank you for your interest in Lumia and Windows Phones! I can completely understand being eager to purchase the Lumia, as it is a fantastic product! At this time, we are currently sold out of the Lumia 950XL Unlocked in ?white?. The stock we had available sold out quickly as it is a high-demand phone. We are working to make more available soon as possible! When we have more in-stock, the site itself will be updated.

You: Hard to believe that 2 minutes after my email there is no stock. Thanks for the standard answer but definitely Microsoft continues to frustrate their customers. If you only get 1-2 in stock you shouldn't send out emails. Better to send out only when you have enough stock for let's say handle 5-10 minutes of sales. Or why not manufacture enough so maybe you have enough for 30 minutes of sales.

Nothing new to report here other than continued lack of stock anywhere in Canada

I am envious of those who have successfully placed an order or received their phones in Canada. Maybe one day, week or month I might get my hands on a couple as well.

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