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A bad experience of updating Windows 10 on my Lumia 820


New member
Jul 16, 2013
Hello peeps,

I held back from updating to Windows 10 for many days and yesterday night the curiosity was too much to bear. I went ahead and installed Windows 10 on my over two year old Lumia 820. So how was it, you ask?


Absolutely nothing worked.

- Sim card not detected, so no internet.
- Tried opening the caller app - crash!
- Messaging app - crash! didnt even stay open for a second
- Calendar - Crash!
- Wifi - Did not detect any Wifi signal even though there was one.
- Spartan - I was not able to check anything out because I had no access to internet because of the Sim card and wifi issues
- Mail - I was not able to add my outlook account.
- Photos app- It was blank. I waited for 10 minutes thinking it was updating the photos but no, that didn't happen.
- The only thing I WAS able to do was take a look at the settings UI. :p

Overall, bad decision to update. I thought I will give feedback to MS after checking out the OS but I did not get a chance to even open any of the apps to check.

Using the Recovery tool, I am now back on 8.1.

Anyone else trying to update on an old phone, that too a daily driver? My advice, DON'T! Please!

It took me whole night to get things right again, with memory card, back up and installation issues. I am now in my office with a sleepy head :D


New member
Nov 14, 2008
Have a read around the forums. All those issues are discussed - and fixes for most of them. You may want to give Technical Preview a re-try at some point.