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A Few Lingering Issues on My Pro 4

Zachary Boddy

Trusted Member
Aug 3, 2014
Good morning,
I'm having a few lingering issues on my Pro 4 that I'd like to discuss.
1) The Task Bar occasionally fails to respond to touch input.
2) The Touchpad on the Type Cover repeatedly fails to register clicks or taps when first connected unless restarted.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Also, I've noticed middling battery life lately on my Core m3, which only started a little while ago. I've not really changed my usage. I'm thinking these issues may have been compounded by the most recent cumulative updates and firmware updates. I've considered installing the Creator Update because the most recent builds have been stable (as we get closer to release) to see if any of my problems have been rectified, by I believe this may be a firmware issue (at least the Type Cover issue is).


Surface Pro 4 Champion
Feb 15, 2017
Can't say I've had those issues at all. Only thing I'd potentially suggest is reinstalling the drivers to see if that clears anything up.