A Possibly More Effective Way of Selling WindowsPhone to Noobs..


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May 11, 2013
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Hey folks I just posted a suggested feature:


I think it might be good to add either an app or a setting that allows the user to wipe their homescreen and start over.

People always tell me that iphone's simpler and easier - and I think it's because they see the home screen and have no idea what it is or what it's truly capable of. The setting would allow a salesman to wipe the screen and just start from the app list screen - what's complicated about that? Just go to the app you want and open it. If there's an app that you use over and over again (phone), you can then pin it to the homescreen to save time - then they can show the user how to quickly add other apps and customize - then go into the features - notification center; live tiles, etc.

I carry a 521 with me as a backup, and when I walk friends through this way (since I already unpinned everything) they get it! I start with simplicity and then show how the homescreen is nothing more than letting them tailor how they want to use the phone or make it appear they way they want.

Also, sometimes I feel like redesign, and frankly it's a pain in the *** to unpin one at a time - especially now with Denim's (PD) ability to create compound tiles!

Please follow the link and vote for this if it honestly makes sense.

Comments and flames are welcome!


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Oct 17, 2013
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I agree, IF, you could have a fallback (it would revert your screen back to the way it was) ...

sort of a try before you buy, until you save your changes, now that would be an app.

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